Peniel is the annual National Revival Convention of the Assemblies of God Nigeria where according to the father of Peniel, Rev. Dr. Charles Osueke, (The Retired General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria) the people are exposed to God and God to the People. Since the inaugural edition in 2003,

Peniel has continued to grow from strength to strength. It has continued to attract thousands of worshippers from all over Nigeria and beyond to Evangel Camp, Km 48 Enugu – Abakaliki Expressway.

PENIEL 2016‎ To the glory of God, Peniel 2016, tagged Air of Total Restoration is around the corner. It holds from 14th – 18th of November, 2016 at Evangel Camp Okpoto. There is the need to acquaint and update you about preparations, conducts and expectations. By the grace of God, this year’s Peniel is going to be an upgrade on Peniel 2015 where God manifested in various dimensions with multiple testimonies following. Peniel 2016 is loaded with a lot of features. The General Council year 2016 theme is Total Restoration.

There has been series of programs organized during the year to bring about Total Restoration . To God be the glory, the feelers are everywhere – the smoke of the soon to explode revival fire. Hence, the theme: Air of Total Restoration .

Peniel 2016 is going to be an era of explosion of the manifestation of this fire. There shall be restoration in righteous and holy living, aggressive evangelism, baptism and manifestation of gifts of the Holy Spirit, dimensions of healings, unprecedented prosperity of God’s people, etc. This is the era of Total Restoration In Peniel 2016, there shall be three sessions – Morning, Afternoon, and Night. Morning Session will begin exactly by 7:30am – 12:30pm. Afternoon session will run from 2:30pm – 6:00pm whilst the night session will run from 8:00pm – 10:00pm. The altar at Okpoto is open to all seekers of God for all night prayers. These sessions have been so scheduled that there will be no dull moment. Peniel 2016 offers you the opportunity to ‘set yourself on fire so that others will come and watch you burn’.


Guest Speakers


Therefore, we have brought in several tested and trusted Servants of God with apostolic and revival mandates from Nigeria and beyond to be part of this great event. It is not going to be another Peniel; but a Peniel with a difference. Some of these speakers include: Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor – a key player in the revival agenda of the trinity; Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai – a servant of God with an apostolic commission for signs and wonders; Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo – KICC London, Bishop Humprey Erumaka, Rev. Mossy Madugba, Dr. Charles Apoki, Officers of the General Council – Rev. Ejim, Rev. Dr. Amaowoh, Rev. Alaje; Rev. Dr. Charles Osueke – the retired General Superintendent of Assemblies of God and a strong apostle of revival, and others.




There will be free registration of intending participants of Peniel 2016. Each registration attracts a tag and program brochure. At the point of registration, a tag will be issued whilst program brochure will be issued at arrival at the camp in Okpoto. Online registration may not be available because our website is undergoing some upgrading.


With the conviction that intensive prayers remains the birthplace of revival, we have continued to engage in prayers through the mobilization of the 5000 man Prayer Volunteer Force, the Midnight Watchers, and the Weekend with Jesus. AG members have been praying for Restoration. We also encourage every local church to endeavour to pray for Peniel 2016 in every gathering of the church during the week. Also, we invite interested prayer warriors to the prayer hour starting from 9th of November that will usher in Peniel.


By the grace of God despite the situation the church is in, the present leadership of the church are making efforts to provide new sets of buildings to reduce the accommodation challenges. Honestly, these may not be enough to solve the accommodation challenges of the teeming worshippers, hence, the Central Planning Committee of Peniel has gone ahead to make some plans for temporary provisions within the camp, and other close-by facilities.

For those who may wish to stay in hotels in Enugu and Abakaliki, our team has also reached out to some hotels in these cities to agree to a flat rate that will be affordable and convenient. For enquiries on Hotel reservations in Enugu and Abakaliki, call Rev. Okorie 08033051700; for other accommodation matters call Rev. Nzekwe 08036680701.


For those coming from Lagos and Abuja that will be coming with flight, we have entered into arrangement with some airlines for a corporate arrangement of departing on Monday and returning on Friday. Those who are interested should forward their names and other details to 08030664977. Also, we have made arrangements with transport companies that will be at the various hotels to convey those lodging at Hotels in Enugu and Abakaliki to Okpoto at the least price that is possible. You can call Rev. Ndukwe Ejiogu on 08033149400


Peniel despite being a Revival Program also provides business opportunities for interested businessmen and women. Anybody who has an interest in doing one business or the other that involves branding, printing of T Shirts, calendars, etc, should call Frank on 08037025174 or Rev. Okakah 08033189434. For allocation of spaces to do business in the Camp ground, call Angela on 08068651176 or Frank as given above. Also, anybody that has a book or item to be announced or sold in the conference proper MUST pass through the marketing unit on ground. Any item that is found inside that did not pass through the due process shall be confiscated.




Peniel 2015 is being packaged with a zero tolerance for disorderliness. We are pleading with every intending participant to help us serve you better by being orderly in your actions. Various car parks have been provided in the Camp; please adhere to the directions of the security and traffic staff on ground. Also, loitering or selling in unauthorised periods will not be entertained and disobedience will invite Security agents to do their job. We will do our best to provide enough seats so that everyone will have a place to sit. Discipline in the camp is a paramount virtue which must be realized no matter whose ox is gored.

Conference Materials

In continuation of the series we had last year, Peniel Series III will contain the notes of all the major messages and seminar topics that will be handled in Peniel. It will be sold at the cost of ₦500.00 per copy.


Peniel 2016 is not only fasting: eating arrangement is by eating according to the size of your pocket. We have contacted and screened food vendors of repute to provide qualitative services of international standard in the camp at affordable prices. Similarly, there is a health facility that is adequately equipped on ground to take care of any emergency health challenge that may arise.


There is a water tight security arrangement that is a product of combined efforts of various security agencies in Nigeria like Police, State Security Services, Civil Defence, Army and Royal Rangers. Also, during Peniel, the roads from Enugu to Abakaliki will be highly policed to ensure safe movements of worshippers.


We encourage all lovers and seekers of God to make out time and attend this epoch making and historical event. Total Restoration is exploding: be a part of it. Peniel 2016 offers you the opportunity to key into God’s agenda for His church. Peniel 2016 is a pool of revival where nobody that enters therein will ever remain the same again.

For the Planning Team

  1. Chairman – Rev. Okoro, Iyke         08132133896
  2. Secretary – Rev. Stone O. Stone     08033295121
  3. Financial Secretary – Rev. Dr. Emma Essien 08037136347
  4. Prayer/Counselling – Rev. Edwin Okpara 08035444030
  5. Protocol/Usher – Rev. Nnamdi Onumaegbu 08030664977