Our Leaders

The General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria occupies the highest position in the administrative structure of the National Church. The General Council Secretariat serves as the administrative and ministry nerve center that aids in the smooth and efficient coordination of the Church. It also serves the purpose of integrating and coordinating the various plans and programs of individual Churches and Districts so that the Church has a common character and focus.

The Executive Councils:

List of Elected Executive Committee Members at the 35th quadrennial General Council Meeting held at Evangel Camp, KM 48, Enugu- Abakaliki Expressway, Okpoto Ebonyi State on October 29, 2014.

  1.     Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor- General Superintendent
  2.     Rev. Pastor Ejikeme Ejim – Asst. General Superintendent
  3.     Rev. Dr. Godwin Amawoh- General Secretary
  4.     Rev. Dr. Vincent Alaje- General Treasurer
  5.     Rev. Scott Ennis- Chairman NMFF
  6.     Rev. Prince K. Emeaba- South- East Zone 1 – Aba North District
  7.     Rev. Abel Amadi – South- East Zone 2- Owerri East District
  8.     Rev. David Agu – South- East Zone 3- Enugu South District
  9.     Rev. Emmanuel Nshii – South- East Zone 4- Abakaliki District
  10.     Rev. Dr. Emmanuel A. Udoka- South- South Zone 1- Eket District
  11.     Rev. Living Joshua – South- South Zone 2- Bayelsa District
  12.     Rev. Dr. Friday Amirah – South- South Zone 3- Warri District
  13.     Rev. Isonguyo O.Eshiet – South- South Zone 4- Calabar District
  14.     Rev. Prof. Robert Ebuade – South- South Zone 5- Esan East District
  15.     Rev. C. N Ogbuji –North Central Zone 1 – Abuja East District
  16.     Rev. JohnWhyte Ede- North Central Zone 2- Igede District
  17.     Rev. Bawa Gadima- North West Zone- Kaduna South District
  18.     Rev. Jacob Langs- North East Zone – Jos District
  19.     Rev. J.O Edivri- South West Zone 1- Oyo District
  20.     Rev. M.K Ogunbola- South West Zone 2 – Apapa District